You know your way around the Internet. You use it for homework. Your parents ask you look up stuff for them. You have your favourite sites. You also know where to find the most happening chat rooms and instant messaging (IM) centres like MSN. You know the language of the ‘Net.

You know that there are perverts out there. They use the anonymity of the Internet to vent their hostility and screwed up sexuality. They lurk in chat rooms and on IM, pretending to be kids. There’s a good chance you’ve run into some of them. Maybe you recognized them and brushed them off. We hope so.

These perverts are looking for kids your age. They think they can trick kids, manipulate them and control them. Some are just disgusting, but some are dangerous. They have one thing in common – they think they are smarter than you. They aren’t. You can stop them in their tracks – if you’re ready for them.

We need you to be informed and alert. Find out what you need to know to protect yourself. Find out who they are. Learn how perverts work. Don’t give them information. Shut them out. Shut them down. And if you spot one, report them.

This website will give you the facts on cyber perverts. You will learn how they operate, and how to defend yourself and your friends.