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What you’re up against

Chat room

Chat rooms allow two or more people to ‘speak’ over the Internet using text messages. They are especially popular with children and teens. People often use aliases in chat rooms.

Chat rooms are divided by channels named to indicate the topic of conversation in the chat room. People can hold private conversations within most chat rooms by agreeing to leave the chat room to conduct their conversation.

Some chat rooms are monitored for inappropriate content; others are not. Predators often lurk on chat rooms to lure children into private conversation and possible sexual abuse.

Transcript of chat string involving a predator
From an actual chat with a 13-year-old girl
Session Start
Man 27: hey sexy… what’s up
C?UEE:on the phone wiff erica
Man 27: cool
Man 27: go on cam hun?
Man 27: please hun
Man 27 has accepted your invitation to start webcam conversation.
The webcam conversation has ended. The man can no longer see you.
Man 27: go back on hun
Man 27: youa re sexy….what are you wearinf hun
Man 27: can I see….

Examples of chat rooms
The Palace
Teen chat
Teen flirt

Instant messaging systems

Instant messaging systems alert users whenever specific individuals selected by the user are connected to the Internet and available to chat with them. Instant messenger chats have an ‘invisible’ mode that allows for private conversations between individuals. Instant messenger directories allow strangers to find people with whom they have a common interest, creating an opening for cyber predators.

Examples of instant messaging
AIM Chat

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