360 Degree Review Is Essential For All around Feedback

360 degree review or assessment provides somewhat a complete and intact view of an employee simply by gathering information or rather feedback from those people who interact with the employee on a regular basis. This may include his manager, peers, vendors, and external consultants, clients who are in regular or frequent touch with the person concerned.

  • This kind of review gives a well-rounded view of the person and additionally the diversity of the views coming from different sources. After all it gives a clear reflection of the employee taking into consideration the various aspects of his life. This is all the more essential because a person may act radically different in front of various other people.
  • The review gives a very broader view of the employee and emphasizes on the various characteristics and idiosyncrasies of the particular person. This feedback will somewhat be more honest than a biased or clichéd feedback from his family members or colleagues.

Therefore when it comes to measuring the worth and value of an employee, it is always better to go by their 360 degree review. This encompasses the larger life that the employee might have apart from just his efficiency and professionalism, teamwork, leadership skills and many more.

Advantages of Taking a Broader View 360 degree review

Well with 360 degree review, you are benefitted with a number of things. Take a view of some of the advantages that a wider view will furnish you with.

To begin with, since the communication and response come from a variety of resources and different sector of life, it is bound to contain contradictory and different opinions unlike a biased or dishonest one. In a different sense, it will indeed be more valid and authentic as well as effective than consulting the peers or just peeping into the employee’s past record. This review is indeed an opportunity to confront the various aspect of a single employee. These feedbacks can definitely be incorporated into the development plans of that particular employee for the betterment.

Emphasis can be laid on the negative feedback and these can be used for different purposes. Like if the employee is about to get promoted or sacked, the positive or the negative reviews can have quite a considerable impact on the same. One can come across several distinct perspectives and therefore can have a better understanding of the person. Multiple perspectives are also bound to add credibility to the outcomes of the 360 degree reviewDifferent and combined perspectives also help in a complete assessment of the potentialities or the drawbacks of the person concerned.

This is therefore, far more effective than traditional review systems which are somewhat outdated and inefficient in yielding the desired results. This is the sole reason, why more and more people are today dependent on the 360 degree review system in order to build trust and confidence with that particular employee. This particular system can induce an atmosphere of trust and teamwork. Several management teams are seriously considering the implementation of such a system within their organizations.